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There is no out-of-control voter fraud. This is just a straight-up lie.

See the Indisputable Evidence Here


There is no question that Donald Trump is an exceptional liar, but he has knocked his election “fraud” lie out of the park. This lie should go directly into the Lying Hall of Fame. Best. Executed. Lie. Ever!

Donald Trump’s election “fraud” lie was clearly executed by a man who has had seventy years of experience in the art of deceiving others. It was Machiavelli who said that “one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.”  But it was Voltaire who made the absolutely terrifying but brilliant observation: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  We have to pay attention to what’s going on here, America.

A masterful liar starts early, sometimes years before the big lie is even told.  Donald did this when, even before his 2016 presidential campaign began, he started calling the MSM (that stands for “mainstream media,” for all you non-Trumpers) “fake news” and “enemy of the people.”  He repeated this over and over and over and over — incessantly — which is another mind trick used by skillful liars.

As a result, if we happen to mention to a hardcore Trump supporter that The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims during his presidency — which they do, often accompanied by video evidence of him actually telling the falsehood — s/he will likely dismiss it out of hand because The Washington Post is obviously The Devil.  It’s absolute genius.

Donald also started early with talk of the “Deep State.”  Although he never officially defined what this means, we gather from context that it’s the horribly corrupt members of the evil status quo who operate in the shadows of our big bad government. 

So, by the time he needed to tell the big lie — meaning, when he wanted to save face after he lost the 2020 presidential election — many of his supporters had lost all trust in the people who work in any level of government, as well as the agencies and institutions they work for.  Again, genius.

But here is the God’s honest truth about widespread election fraud:  It is, in fact, a straight-up lie.  Widespread voter fraud in the United States does not exist.

This is not just our opinion, it’s a fact.  There is overwhelming evidence to prove election fraud untrue, and this proof doesn’t just come from the evil MSM.  It comes directly from election experts and officials from both parties, transcripts from multiple courts of law and state legislatures, and from the mouths of judges themselves — many of whom were appointed by Donald J. Trump.

Honestly, we shouldn’t even need all this proof because widespread election fraud can be discredited by common sense alone. For one, the United States of America doesn’t have one voting system, we have fifty.  Plus, doesn’t it strike you as odd that the "fraud" only affected Donald Trump, not other Republicans down ballot?  And that the only states accused of massive fraud are the battleground states that Donald Trump thought he was going to win but lost?  Would he really have us believe that the states he won are the only ones that miraculously have no fraud.  Come on now, people.

You may ask, if The Washington Post is to be believed, Donald Trump told tens of thousands of other lies.  So why is 1787 dedicating an entire section to this particular one?

Answer: Because this lie is wildly un-American and incredibly damaging.  It’s a dagger through the very heart of democracy itself.  Out of everything anyone in American politics has ever lied about, this is by far the most potentially devastating.  It has to stop.

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